Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Type Exp - Presenting Work 1

The other part to this brief is to experiment with presenting the work that I produce in response for this brief. I was hoping to have had more time to do this but unfortunately this isn't the case. I only have myself to blame. The first way that I tried, which I have been most keen to have a go at with this is having the posters in a frame and then having the frame leaning against a wall. I want the main focus to be the posters still obviously, so a white wall is perfect for this.

I bought the frame that I have used because I think it allow the posters to tie in more with the coffee aspect of the brief due to its colour.

Getting this right way a lot trickier than I had anticipated it to be. The light reflected from the glass making it harder to read them and the angle of the frame in relation to getting the floor and wall to look right behind was annoying. I ended up with a set from this though.

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