Friday, 7 December 2012

B&W - Greetings Cards

I've already started working on the greetings cards, but the sizes that I tried out were wrong, one was a bit too big and another a bit too small. I need a happy medium to these. Using a piece of paper I quickly folded it to what I thought would be the ideal size for one of these cards, and I got 12cm x 17cm. So I made up a new net to this size for the patterns, and moved them across. I also added the logo and website to the back of the cards too - little details.

I started with the logo and website at the bottom of the back, but after a quick google search, it's more common to have the logo in the center, so I changed this. I am happy with the back now, and in terms of the pattern it's really just pasting it on to the net, so I did it for them all the same way.

I am happy with these, I was at uni when I got this done and went and printed them off and trimmed them out. They work really well both individually and as a set. I forgot to take some pictures of these. But when I got home I printed another just to show how they look working.

As explained in a previous post they will be blank message cards, so I will leave the inside blank - obviously.

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