Monday, 12 March 2012

YCN - Briefs

Over reading week we were set the task to take a look at the briefs that are available on the YCN website for students to enter and choose 3 that we like and 1 that we dislike.

The ones that I chose are:

I like the sound of this one because the outcomes that it is looking for is pretty open ended and you can basically decide yourself what to do. It seems like a pretty light hearted brief, which really appeals to me as it wouldn't have an outcome that is serious. The fact that it doesn't have strict guidelines as to what they are looking for is something that I really like about this brief.

Feel Good
Again like the M& S brief, this one feels pretty light hearted and isn't something that would need to be so serious. They actually state within the brief that they want fun entries. This one is a little more focused with their requirements as they have given a specific target audience to work to.

Industry Trust
This one caught my attention because I think the outcomes for this could be quite inventive. Because pirate copies of films and what not aren't perfect qualities I think it would be interesting to take a print approach to this and try and capture the same sort of angle with that.