Sunday, 29 January 2012

Top Ten - Blink 182 STFTK - Sequence Annotations

Again, I did the same for the annotations. There weren't really as many to do on these storyboard with the ideas being more simple. I did correct the lyrics on the ones that had the wrong ones on them though.

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

I will from now on as I do storyboards include annotations on them from the off. Lesson learnt.

Top Ten - Blink 182 I Miss You - Sequence Annotations

Again, as with the previous post, I scanned and printed out the storyboards I have done and  drew on the annotations for the ideas.

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

Idea 4

Idea 5

I haven't got these storyboards in the same order as I produced them on this post, so for example like the first one says 'the I miss you section is done on a previous storyboard', it actually was, but it just happens to not be previous to it on this post.

Top Ten - Blink 182 Always - Sequence Annotations

Following the karaoke comment in my feedback, and addressing this in my annotation, I have decided to go back over my storyboards and include annotations on them.

Instead of doing this straight on the sheets (this seemed like a good idea at the time), I decided to scan in the storyboards and print them out to annotate instead, which explains the lovely shade of grey they now are. I also used a different colour for it so that it will stand out more.

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

Idea 3

Just looking over the storyboards now they have annotations on them they look more interesting and engaging, which is what I should have done originally. The ideas are now a lot clearer and the intended movements are well mapped out and explained. Good move.

Top Ten - Progress Crit 18/01/2012

Here is the feedback I received from the progress crit on 18/01/2012.

The feedback I have got is useful in order to help me progress on with this brief. There has been a mention on both sheets about the use of colour, but as I have explored over on my design context blog I have decided to stick with the black and grey colour pallet - this wasn't shown in the crit though as the storyboards only really consist of lines and the title sequence idea is just the black type so the colour comments are understandable. 

On the first sheet it is mentioned that it could look a bit like kareoke. This isn't what I want to achieve with this, and after looking at the others peoples work and what they have done and then reflecting back on my own, to me they make sense but I haven't annotated my storyboards so where they got the thought of this from is understandable as I haven't really explained how anything will work and just expected it to be understood.

Aside from these, the rest of the feedback is good and positive. I really need to just get on with everything now and get on to after effects too. Using the action plan, I have planned out what I need to do next.

Top Ten - Blink 182 60 Second Sequence - Initial Ideas

The progress crit is coming up soon so I really need to begin ideas for my 60 second title sequence as this is the thing that is lacking now between this and the idents as I haven't really got anything down for it yet. I have been constantly thinking about it to come up with ideas, and a I discussed a little in the previous crit, I'm a little torn as to whether to use more than one song or just one as I have no idea about sound or anything or how I would even have sections of more than one song, so I am leaning a lot more to having just one song on the sequence and making it a longer version of kinetic type for one of the songs. 

I think instead of doing as I have previous and having the songs work within the frames and move around, because I have a lot longer for this I could possibly try out the idea I got from this example I looked at here, and have the words essentially do the same as I have been thinking of previously but then at the end maybe zoom out to reveal that in actual fact they have made a shape or something.

The Blink 182 smile logo is the obvious decision for this in my opinion as when many people see it they immediately know that it's relating to Blink. I drew this out first.

My initial idea was to use this to help map out how I would have the words appear, but I think it will be a lot easier to do it straight on illustrator as it will be easier to work out the scale of the words and what not and see how they fit together better - this may be cheating a little? But it will be easier and I do think I'll get more from doing it like this.

For the song I will choose, I had a listen through them all to see which would fit best within 60 seconds and it turned out to be the I Miss You one, which I think is rather convenient as it's also the number 1 song - so I have decided to use these lyrics and this song for the title sequence. Here's how the smiley face turned out on illustrator.

A zoomed in section of the smiley.

When I first completed this, and zoomed out to get a better look at how it turned out, I didn't like it. There's just something that I don't like. Maybe it's because the words seem so spread out and that, and I think the only real interesting part of the sequence will be the actual arrows with having the rotation and what not. When I looked at it again later on it did grow on me a bit but I don't really think it's strong enough of an idea and a visual to produce.

My next thought then was to have the words make the number 10, and then as the sequence zooms out the the end to reveal it I could include the rest of the title around it and have the main focus on the 10. I do like the idea of this more than I did the previous, so again on illustrator I mapped out how the words will possibly fit together to make the right shape. Here's how this turned out.

Zoomed in section.

Thinking about how I didn't like that there wouldn't be much variation in the rotation as such on the previous idea, I tried to include the words so that there would be plenty of movement throughout the whole sequence. I do prefer this idea a lot more than the previous one so I'll see how the crit goes and decide from then.

Top Ten - Blink 182 STFTK - Sequence 3

I have tried again with coming up with an interesting idea for this song for the ident, and I do think this is better than the previous one that I just did. The beginning section is simple, but the 'I'd read it every day' section idea is quite interesting.

I digitised this up. Again with the lyrics, the initial sketch isn't the correct ones but I have got them correct on the digitised version.

Before I produced the storyboards for this idea is when I realised that the lyrics weren't correct, so when I did do the storyboards I included the right ones (woop). As I said at the start of this post, I think the middle section of this sequence idea is quite interesting and the rest is pretty simple. I included the 'so here's your holiday' section again on this one and tried it out at a different scale to the previous but it is still the same idea as the others.

Top Ten - Blink 182 STFTK - Sequence 2

As I explained on the previous idea for this ident, I couldn't really come up with something over interesting for this song to use as an ident. It is also probably sue to the act that because it's a little slower there are less words to work with. Here's another idea that I have sketched down for this. I don't think it's quite as interesting as the first one though.

I digitised this idea out, again with the lyrics as explained with the previous idea.

Drawing out the storyboards for this idea made it obvious straight away that it isn't really interesting to actually use in the sequence so I won't consider it when I come to deciding. I did decide to include the 'so here's your holiday' section on the storyboards this time though as it is just the same idea I had to the first idea for it so I figured I may as well and make that what I will actually use for it.

Top Ten - Blink 182 STFTK - Sequence 1

I have decided to move on to the next song that I am wanting to use for one if my idents as I don't want to just keep producing ideas that are samey for the ones I have worked on so far. The next song I have decided to use which I think will work nice is Stay Together For The Kids. It's slightly different pace to the previous ones I have chosen, and there is a lot more emotion involved in this one and I want to try and include every aspect of what blink do within the sequences so I think this is a good choice.

Even so, after listening to the section a few times I couldn't really think of anything too interesting to begin with, but I did sketch down this below. I think because of the nature of the song though it doesn't really need to be over the top with effects or movement which is what I think will be nice about this ident.

When I sketched them out, I didn't realise I had used the wrong lyrics (oops!). I was convinced since I first heard the song way back when that it said 'if this stupid' but in actual fact it says 'what stupid', so when I came to digitise the idea I had done it using if this, and drew out the storyboards with this as well, but when I realised I altered the digitised version.

So yeah, as explained above, the if this words will be replaced with what. Drawing out the sections which scrolled across the frame over a few framed helped a lot with showing what will be happening with these aspects of the sequence. Also, when I started drawing out this storyboard, I have decided that for the 'so here's your holiday' lyrics I will do separate storyboards for this.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Top Ten - Blink 182 Always - Sequence 4

After looking back at the sequences that I have done previously, only a couple have really used the aspect of depth within the sequences - the rest have been pretty much just flat. So I decided to sketch out an idea that consists of using zooming into the letters and using areas within them

Instead of making it so that I have a tiny point size then a huge one for digitising up this idea, I figured I would just show this in the actual storyboards.

To try and show the aspect of zooming into the words, I used a section of the storyboard where it is half zoomed in to try and represent it. I do think this will be an interesting idea to use, although I am not sure if I prefer it to the previous one I just did as I like the fast paces movement which that will have going on. Although at the same time I think with me zooming into letters the change in the colour of the background and text will probably work quite in a interesting way.