Saturday, 28 January 2012

Silent Movie - Narrowing Down Initial Ideas

Looking back over the sequences that I have storyboarded so far, I have decided to choose a selection of these to now work with as I think I have plenty of initial ideas to choose from. I want the final 5 sequences that I go on to actually produce to be different from each other, but keep them all relatively simple as I want to focus more on getting used to the software than trying to achieve something over complicated at this stage.

After reflecting back over the ones that I have, the ones that I have decided to move forward with at this point is

As explained above, I want to try and keep the sequences different from each other, and even though I have selected seven sequences, there are a couple that are similar to one another so if I was to pair them up I do actually have 5. I will experiment with these ones later to see which would be the most effective.

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