Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Good is buy one, give one.


  1. It allows teens/young adults who don't necessarily have the money to just give away support a movement that is set up to help families in a developing country. 
  2. It isn't actually a charity - it's a movement that people can voluntarily get involved with if they wish, and doesn't necessarily just depend on people donating money to them, and keep having to ask for it.
  3. It's a way for someone to make a difference in as much or as little a way as they choose to do, and they will get a product/products that they can wear and be proud of knowing what they have done just by buying it.
  4. It helps families in developing countries by supplying them with clean, safe water - both a short term solution with supplying the Water Purification Tablets, and a long term solution with after a set number have been sold, a clean water pump will be installed into communities that need them the most.
  5. It's not going to try and pull on the audiences heart strings to feel sorry for the people to try and get them to help, it will have a different approach where it's completely down to the person if they join the movement or not by purchasing a product, and will have things to reassure them for what good they have actually done by it.

I intend to inform about one of the world's biggest killers - dirty water, and how it can be easily preventable, and persuade to teens and young adults who don't necessarily have any spare cash to be giving away to be a part of the movement which is Puritee - something where with every t shirt that is sold, it will provide a family in Africa with 100l of clean, safe water.

In order to achieve this, I will produce the branding of the movement Puritee, expanding on what I have done in the studio workshops leading up to the next part of this brief, as well as produce the packaging for the t shirts that will be bought both online, and in store. I will also look into the smaller details such as the t shirt tags, receipt holders that could explain the movement and things such as wall graphics that could appear in participating stores.

My actual product for the brief is essentially t shirts, although I will be channeling my focus more towards the packaging of these, and material around them rather than the t shirts themselves.

The range will include things like shopping bags, delivery boxes, receipt holders, wall vinals, clothes tags, etc.

The context that these will fit into will be such as in participating stores, the hands of the buyer, the hands of the delivery men, etc.

Good Is... Finished Packaging

Good Is... Packaging