Monday, 28 March 2011

Leeds Loves Creativity

I entered the live brief 'Leeds Loves Creativity'. The guidelines were rather strict, so experimented with what I could and came up with a few ideas to put forward.

In the end I selected the splat to use for the idea, because I think this is the most obvious and looks effective. 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Communication Is A Virus - 'Do Day' Feedback

I think we got a decent response to Do Day in the end, especially on the online survey created.

Communication Is A Virus - 'Do Day' Day! Twitter

Here is how the Twitter page I made resulted in looking like once the event passed.

Communication Is A Virus - 'Do Day' Day! Facebook

Here is how the Facebook event page resulted like after the event passed.

Towards the end of the day both me and Lisa sent out messages to everyone involved with the group reminding them to get involved to increase the number of responses we got.

Communication Is A Virus - 'Do Day' Day!

After what feels like a long time coming, Do Day Tuesday 22nd March came, and me and Lisa went out sticking the 2 poster designs we got printed from Dom and Matt around Leeds and handed out the hotdog books and left them around for people to pick up. It turned out in the end to be quite an eventful day.