Saturday, 29 January 2011

100... - Book Body Copy

To get the body copy for the book I am producing, because I am doing it essentially on 100 facts, I printed out basically all of the facts I had collected, as well as found a few more and added to in the process, and typed up the body copy which I will then use within the book.

Once I typed up the body copy for the book to the first draft, I printed it all out and stuck it to my wall, and then spent about 15 - 20 minutes working out roughly what information would fit onto one page. I sectioned them off just using a highlighter, and then when I start drawing out layout experiments I will try stick to this as much as possible, and draw the type sections to be basically the same amount as what there will be.

100... - Book Illustrations

I re read through the facts I have found so far and hand drew relevant line illustrations that will fit along side them, and then scanned them in.


Using Photoshop, I edited each of them so that the backgrounds are completely white and lines are as black and bold as they will go making sure they still look the same.

Coffee Stains
To make the illustrations so that they go over coffee stains, I spent a while creating some, trying to make them varied, and then scanned them in. This will allow me to lay the illustration over them in photoshop and make them look effective.

Here is the scanned coffee stains I used, some look and work better than others.