Saturday, 28 January 2012

Top Ten - Blink 182 I Miss You - Sequence 1

Whilst I am still contemplating my ideas for the 60 second sequence, because I have a clear idea of what I want to do for my ten second sequences I have decided to get cracking with these. What I want them to do, as explained with the actual content concept board, is I want them to be 10 second clips of one of the songs in the top ten and have the kinetic type for them for the ten seconds. 

I already have the ten second sections of all the songs and the lyrics for that section and this is all addressed both on the concept board and on my design context board, so what I will do now is choose the songs I think will work the best and come up with some initial ideas and storyboards for them.

The first song I have decided to work with, seen as it's number 1 is I Miss You.

How I have done this, and will for the rest is I drew out what I was imagining in my head real quick on a sheet of paper really rough just so that it is down out of my head and in physical form. 

Here is the rough idea for my first idea of a sequence.

I have figured that the best way to get the storyboarding right when drawing them out is to first basically mac up on Illustrator really quick essentially what I have sketched down on the paper, just to basically ensure it fits together as I have imagined it and what not.

I will use the illustrator version of this as reference now when drawing up the storyboard for this initial idea. I don't want to be too precious with these storyboards, but I do want them to be neat as it will give a clearer understanding then of what I am intending to happen during the sequence. Here is the storyboards for this idea:

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