Saturday, 28 January 2012

Top Ten - Blink 182 Actual TV Programme & Target Audience

During the last crit, one thing I noticed that I haven't really done which I probably should is define what the actual TV show will be about - this will help me with my ideas to what I produce for my sequences, and also help me to clearly define my target audience. I know this is probably something I should have already considered whilst doing my actual research but I didn't think it would be that important. It's fair to say I was wrong.

I don't see the point in deciding the exact content minute by minute of what it will be about as I do think that doing that will be unnecessary, but just having a general idea will help.

So because I have chosen to conduct my research on Blink 182 songs, and my initial idea for the sequences is to produce kinetic type then the fact that the TV show should be about Blink 182 songs is obvious.

I could focus on the fact that they have recently reunited since the split up a few years ago, and maybe have it tie in with their upcoming (rearranged) tour that they will be doing in the UK later this year. The show could consist of the countdown of the top ten songs, as well as interviews with the guys talking about how it's great to be back on tour together, and maybe talk about each of the songs in the top ten and what they mean to each of them.

Target Audience
My target audience will be fans of Blink 182 that have followed them and their music since they first came around. When I first got into them I was about 12, which was nearly 10 years ago so I'd say an age range between 18 - 30.

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