Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cocktails - Types

While I was collecting the information for the GD terms, I was constantly thinking which I think would work for what I am collecting and what not, and tried to not be too specific into a certain area of GD. Then I got to thinking, what if I was to produce a set of cocktail books for different types of cocktails, then for each different types then use a different area of GD for each one.

I just had a quick research into like types of cocktails though, and what comes under what is a real grey area and isn't really specific. As much as I like the idea though, I can't do it this way.

I could make up my own categories for it though? Or do it based on what alcohol is used for each ones, i.e vodka, malibu, etc. I'll have a think about it, but with there just being a week left until the final crit I am a bit pushed for time and need to be more realistic about the whole thing and what I can get done.

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