Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cocktails - Stock Consideration

The stock that I use to produce the book is important. This is what will make the difference for it being mint or not. As explained in a previous blog post, I have ordered a 120gsm silk stock for the pages of the book, which still hasn't arrived!! I want to also consider other aspects of the books stock too.

I think using asotate would be quite nice, by printing the cocktil illustration on to there rather than on to the facing page from the information, that way it would be seen on both? I bought some to give this a go and tried it with two different ones.

This works quite nice, although the sheets that I bought weren't intended for inkjet printers. Could I get hold of some in time? I don't actually think I could. I could get some for lazer printers from the library and use that, but the colours will shift with the different printer being used. Hmm.

I have some trace, which could work? It's transparent like the other but not completely. It's worth a try. Again I did it with the two different ones.

Wow. I really like this, more than the other actually because I like the cloudyness to it. And I like how even though the illustration is just printed on to one side it shows up clearly as if it is printed on both. Very happy with this. I think this may be something to go with?

I've decided to try it with the trace laying on top of the DPS with the actual type section included, see how it works with that.

Definitely works. And I like that with the cloudyness to the trace you can still see the text underneath the trace, but it is sort of musked out so you know you're not meant to read it just yet until you turn the trace page. Really happy with this.

A similar idea that I have just had with this is to separate the glass part of the illustration and the colour part, and then have the colour part printed on to the left side of the DPS as originally intended with the whole illustration, but just this, and then print the glass part on to the trace like previous. That way then the glass part will be laid on top of the colour part. Would this work? Hmm. Had a quick try before trying it in context.

It seems to. Trying it in context.

This does work, but choosing between doing this and doing the previous I prefer the idea of the previous so am going to stick what that.

Decided to give it a go with a different illustration to see if it works the same as the other two consist of the greens.

It does. I really like this. It will up the page count of the book but I think it's definitely worth it.

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