Friday, 7 December 2012

Type Exp - Logo?

Considering the fact that this is a poster series, I want to have some sort of logo to use across everything to tie it all together. I think that by doing this it will ensure that it looks more like a set within a series rather than just random posters. I want this to look quite cool.

Tried the X thing but definitely don't want to go with this. 

Hmm. I quite like where I am heading with these. 

Tried without the circles, works just as well. Think I prefer the circles though.

Definitely a full circles rather than a dashed one.

Tried more squarer shapes but don't agree with these as much as the circle, just don't think they work as well. 

Considering the fact that I am pretty set on a circle, and the posters are about coffee... ding din. Coffee ring? Made one and live traced it on illustrator. I really like how it turned out, first time I have tried something like this.

Definitely liking the coffee circle better than the first ones that I did, and it ties in more with the theme  result. 

Tried again without the circle this time with the less information. I like these, but prefer the fact that the circle links with the content more.

Minor variations. 

I have decided on the logo that I am happy with. Been working on this a while though now so need to double check after I have stepped away from it for a little while.

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