Tuesday, 11 December 2012

New Brief Ideas

Gahhhhh. I've gone from working on 5 briefs to having 3 after the progress crit. But at least I am going forward positively from this, and will be much happier with what I come out with at the end this way.

So I've put off starting this brief since making the decision as I wanted to concentrate on getting finished the other 3 briefs so that I can solely concentrate on this one. I am happy that I have done this as I feel more confident that I can produce something to the same sort of standard at they are, although with just 6 days until the final crit, it's not going to be easy.

I have spent a very long time searching for a brief that I want to do for my last substantial brief that I think would be a good one as well as actually possible, and after a discussion with the Geek Table I am down to two different ideas for what to do

  1. The first is to have a go at the Wind in the Willows competition brief to design the book cover for this. 
  2. The second is to produce a cocktail book aimed at graphic designers. This idea came the discussion and from the Bacardi brief on one of the competition websites, but to do it on a different alcohol such as disarrano. (I already have a competition brief that I have submitted so don't need to worry about that factor). After talking about diasrrano cocktails, I got the idea to do a cocktail book based on classic cocktails, but renaming them to graphic design terms. 

Considering the amount of time that I have to do this brief, it would be easier to go with the book cover idea as this would be easy to get done in the 6 days I have before the final crit. Even so, I like the idea of the cocktail book more. Gahhhh.

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