Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cocktails - Types of Glasses

Whilst collecting all of the research for the different types of cocktails, I noticed a pattern with the glasses and there were mainly 4 different types recommended to use.

I sketched them out and listed under them which of the 20 cocktails I have goes into which glasses. Also, I had a quick skim back over the research to find out what names were used for each too.


I searched real quick on images each of the different glasses types for more images of them to possibly work with.

Highball Glass

Martini Glass

Old Fashioned Glass

 Hurrican Glass

I am considering including a little information about the glasses in the book (depending on what I find out), so I researched into these.

Highball Glass
"This glass is also called a Collins glass. The highball glass is probably the most used type of drink glass nowadays. Usually it holds around 7 fl oz. (200 milliliters) and is used for many "regular" drinks such as Vodka Tonic and ABSOLUT RUBY Seabreeze." (link)

"A highball glass is a glass tumbler which contains 8 to 12 fluid ounces (240 to 350 ml) and is used to serve highball cocktails, other mixed and summer & soft drinks." (link)

"A straight-sided glass, often an elegant way to serve many types of mixed drinks, like those served on the rocks, shots, and mixer combined liquor drinks (ie, gin and tonic)." (link)

"The highball glass is very common for serving mixed drinks. Tall and thin, they generally provide the right size for a combination of ice, spirit and mix. Holds 8 to 10 oz. Great for highballs, rickeys, coolers, spritzers, any simple mixed drinks." (link)

Old Fashioned Glass
"This straight, short glass is sometimes called old-fashioned tumbler or quite simply a whiskey glass. Holds around 7 fl oz. (200 milliliters), and is used for short drinks and straight spirits on the rocks. Hence the name. And hey, want a superb drink for your Rocks glass? Go with the ABSOLUT Vodka Gimlet" (link)

Martini Glass
"The reason for the long "leg" is to keep the cocktail cold by not exposing the glass to warming hands. Size varies, but 6-7 fl oz. (170-200 milliliters) is nice. The most classic glass type there is, you use it for Absolut Cosmopolitan and Vodka Martini." (link)

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