Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Make My Mark - Crit Response

Although when I discussed with Amber about this project, we did say how the brief is to design the direct mail and what not, the feedback I got from this crit was asking if this is actually PPD. I know that it is, but with having the brief to design the direct mail I thought it would work as a design practice brief - I guess it doesn't get seen like that to others.

As much as I want to do this brief, for reasons explained throughout what I have done so far, I think I will be better off maybe dropping this brief and shifting it over to PPD. It wont give me the time to work on it as I had hoped, but can come back to it over Christmas to finish it hopefully.

If (by a miracle), I get everything for this module done and I have a bit of time spare, I may finish it off, but for now it's dropped. I'll still include a design board for it within my submission though for what I have produced so far.

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