Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Type Exp - Brief Extention

Thinking about all of what I have done for this brief so far I am pretty pleased with, although after having a quick brainwave I have decided to extend it further, like adding another part to it.

I have said that they are posters that could potentially go back into a coffee shop, so I was thinking about like the method of distribution for the posters. Where would people buy them from? So I started thinking about a website, and remembered about BigCartel - a free online website service that is like a shop basically. This could work for what I am wanting, so decided to set up an account.

In order for it to tie in with the rest of the brief, I altered the design of it to be black and white and have the logo for the poster series on there too. Below is how it now looks before I add any products to it. Simple and to the point, just how I wanted it to be.

For a quick example to see how it will look with a product on there, I took a screen shot of one of the posters and added it as a product. Below is now how it looks with this on there on the left, and then on the right is how it looks once the product is clicked on to view. I need to add some information about it to go in the side. I like the side of the images on them, almost like it is letting them speak for themselves. Below that is a screen shot of how it looks when you click to view the image of the product larger.

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