Saturday, 1 December 2012

B&W - Gift Bag Handles

Gift bag handles. Something that I have been thinking about but haven't made a decision on yet. Basically I just want a black rope type handle. So I went into town to a stall where I thought would do it and tried to explain what I was wanting (I didn't do a very good job of this), but ended up with what I wanted. I figured I would need a lot to be able to put them on all of the bags, so I bought all that she had available. When I have measured it out and what not, I don't have enough. Damn. And she certainly doesn't have anymore. 

After thinking about it though, I considered how the photos for the project would be, and figured that I could get away with only adding a handle to one side of the bag because not both sides would be seen. Result! I had just enough to do this. I made sure that the ends of the strings went under the folded over top of the bag, that way they are not seen on the inside, and then that could be the 'explanation' why the other sides ends can't be seen.

I really like these handles, I think they finish the bags off nicely. Shame there wasn't enough for what I wanted but at least I got what I needed. Happy happy.

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