Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Type Exp - Brief Extension 2

As well as the website, I have decided to look at designing the postal tubes that will be used to send them out in. Little details that make all the difference. Using a sheet of paper I wrapped it around one of the ones that I have for measurements and got to designing it.

Following what I sketched, I digitised it.

In order to get the circle to look circle on the tubes, I need to stretch it on the flat version so that it is longer so that when it is wrapped around the tube it is seen circle rather than oval.

Could have the address lines separate?

Nah I need the address lines. Made the design area longer and made it so the circle is on one side and then the lines on the other side.

This is the one. Works well and effectively. Decision made. I printed out a few to take photos of together. I will get some proper ones taken of them for boards and what not.

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