Tuesday, 11 December 2012

B&W - Greetings Cards Packaged

For the finished outcomes of my greetings cards, I want to package them up so that they look like they are in a shop, so I decided to call and pick up some cheap 50p cards from ASDA that I believed to be the same size as what I have done. But when I got them back and compared the sizes, the ones that I have designed are 3cm shorter than the bought ones. Not a problem, good guess I would say to what I worked it out to be. So I've made these size changes to the cards.

I really like the foil idea, but I think I may leave it to being a proposed idea rather than me spending time getting them done in the print room as I have a lot to get done and am running out of time. Alternatively, I have decided to print them out on to a 160gsm gloss stock to use in the packaging. The finish on these have turned out to be really nice actually, and makes them look like an actual card bought.

This is the cards now with the new size.

Looking at the card at the new size, and comparing what I have to the ones that I bought, it feels a little bit like something is missing from mine. So I have decided to include a barcode on the back printed on to it. This now looks so much better and makes them look proper finished. Nice. So below is my finished and packaged up greetings cards.

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