Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Visual Language - Visual Vocabulary Descriptions...

Here is the work that I produced in the Visual Language session on 19/10/2010.

In this session we went over the definitions for things such as nouns, adjectives, etc. Followed by creating our own sentences, then re wording a couple of newspaper articles and finishing off with a few riddles to solve.

  • Verb - doing word. eg, 'running'.
  • Adverb - describes the verb. eg, 'running fast'.
  • Adjective - describing word. eg, 'beautiful'.
  • Noun - naming word. eg, name of a person, animal, place, object, etc.
  • Pronoun - actual names. eg, 'Jemaine' the goat.
  • Subjective Personal Pronoun - the subject is acting as the subject. eg, he, she, I, you, it, we they.

Own Sentences:

This sentence has an adverb, verb, noun and adjective.

'The little cat was jumping high.'
  • little - adjective
  • cat - noun
  • jumping - verb
  • high - adverb

This sentence has a pronoun, verb, adverb, subjective personal pronoun and adjective.

'John was printing badly, it looked rubbish.'
  • John - pronoun
  • printing - verb
  • badly - adverb
  • it - subjective personal pronoun
  • rubbish - adjective.

This sentence has 3 nouns in it.

'Late last year, our neighbor bought a goat.'
  • year - noun
  • neighbor - noun
  • goat - noun

This sentence has 2 nouns in it.

'Fred Bates is a tutor.'
  • Fred Bates - noun
  • tutor - noun
This sentence contains all 6 elements in it.

'This morning, Lisa and Sarah are discussing quietly and carefully their visual language problems.'
  • morning - noun
  • Lisa, Sarah - pronouns
  • discussing - verb
  • quietly - adverb
  • carefully - adjective
  • their - subjective personal pronoun

This sentence also contains all 6 elements in it.

'Barry and his animal pals ran quickly into visual language to learn about nouns.'
  • Barry - pronoun
  • his - subjective personal pronoun
  • animal pals - nouns
  • ran - verb
  • quickly - adverb
  • visual language - noun
  • learn - verb
  • nouns - noun.

Re Wording Newspaper Articles:

For this task we were to take the article from a newspaper we were given and shorten it down to 140/160 characters.

The first one I did was this one:
This one was to be shortened down to 140 characters, as though it was going to be posted in a 'tweet'.
Here is what I got, I managed to get it to exactly 140:

Katie off X Factor reads things written about her to get people to like her. She's making amends after a story of her and Matt being in bed.

The next article I did was this:

This one was to be shortened down to 160 characters, as though it was being sent out in a text message.
Here is what I got, I managed to get exactly 160 characters:

Sir Alex Ferguson refused to talk about Wayne Rooney saying he don't want to sign a new contract with United. It is rumored that Barcelona and Chelsea want him.


Six letters it contains, subtract one and twelve remain.
   - dozen/s

I'm safe and secure, behead me I become a place of meeting, behead me again and I am the partner of ready, restore me and I become the domain of beasts.
   - stable

How is it possible to always find what your looking for in the last place you look?
   - because you stop looking after you find it.

A black dog is sleeping in the middle of a black road, no street lights, no moon. A car comes driving down the road with no headlights. How did the car know the dog was there?
   - it was daylight.

It walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at noon and 3 legs in the evening. What is it?
   - man.

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