Friday, 22 April 2011

Visual Language - What Is A Line? - Development 3 Pens

After seeing how well the bikes turned out that I did, I got wondering what it would be like doing the same style with different subjects. I don't really like the thought anyway of just picking the bikes and sticking with that, so I looked back over my ideas that I came up with to experiment with more. I decided to empty my pencil case and draw the contents of this. I think once I had drawn everything it all works well, but while I was doing them I weren't too sure because I basically have all the same make pens and what not but different colours, so drawing them with a simple line didn't really show the difference. Even so, I think it is interesting to see how different each has turned out in the drawing even though they are the same.









Once I digitised all the illustrations I spent a couple of minutes putting them together on one file to see how they worked as a set, and I really like the outcome.

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