Thursday, 21 April 2011

Visual Language - What Is A Line? - Ideas

I put together a mind map of different subjects I could think of that I could draw.

My original idea that I have to produce for this brief is a book. I think to do a book would be quite nice because it would tie all the illustrations that I do together, and at the same time still allow them to work alone being on seperate pages. If I do have time I will consider other outcomes. I have been considering the type of book to do, and remembered one that we did in our book making induction called a Concertina fold, where the pages are basically folded like a fan and fold down into a book, but when folded out all the pages are linked together, as such:

This will be the type of book I produce because I think it will work the best with the whole idea for the brief, and I can have the line used to be continuous over all of the pages with no breaks.

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